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Case Studies

Case Study #1: Athletics - Baseball

This case study is currently a college baseball player and was a freshman in high school when he had HEAT applied to his life.

Billy was a high school freshman baseball player who was competing for the first time against varsity talent during his summer baseball season. He wanted to become the starting short stop in two years. His high school team already had probably the best short stop in the state and a three year starter who would be a senior the next season. During the summer Billy couldn’t hit. In fact, he struck out about 35% of the time and got his only hit in his very last at bat. He was dejected and filled with self-doubt. He worked on his game – mental and physical. Changing his beliefs and thus his attitude he built confidence and with confidence came results. Entering his junior year, the heir apparent to the short stop position, a senior, was forced to stay at 3B where he was a stellar player, because Billy had earned the short stop position. He went on to become an all-conference player and one of the leading hitters on one of the best teams in the state. He is currently playing on one of the top Division III baseball teams in the country.

Case Study #2: Athletics - Track

This case study was a high school track athlete when she applied HEAT to her life.

Jill was a very talented sprinter. She was one of the top two or three in the state going into the final four meets of her indoor season she was panicking. Her times had stagnated all year and she was hoping to get a Division 1 scholarship. She still had her arch rival, who she had never beaten – looming in the state meet. She was afraid she had plateaued and reached her peak. Her fear and limiting decisions were getting in the way. Again, after eliminating those obstacles, teaching her to manage her positive emotions, and using a power goal setting process, in four successive meets Jill set a personal record and tied the building record in the 40 yard dash, set a personal record and a league record in the 40 yard dash, set a personal record and regional record in the 60m dash, and won the state championship setting a personal record and state record in the 60 m dash, beating her nemesis in the process. She also got her D1 scholarship.

Case Study #3: Athletics - Baseball

This case study was a Junior collegiate pitcher when he applied HEAT to his life.

Mark was a division one talented pitcher in high school hailing from a small rural town. He went to a competitive small liberal arts division III college where he was expected to come in and be the ace of the staff. He was for about 6 – 7 innings of every game he pitched. Then he would self-destruct. For two years this went on when his coach and I connected. After spending a number of hours with Mark trying to isolate what was going on at the unconscious level, we discovered a significant limiting decision. About the age of six Mark created a belief that he would not be able to compete with boys from away. That was not a problem all through high school because he didn’t compete against boys from away. He just dominated his class – local boys. Coupling that limiting belief with some underlying fear, Mark would “choke” late in games. His unconscious mind was sending signals to his body that he can’t be competing with these boys from away, so his body would react. A couple of walks, hits and a home run later Mark had imploded. With those barriers removed and learning a few techniques to control utilize his positive emotions, Mark went on to be pitcher of the year in his conference his last two years of college.

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Check out these school based case studies. Because of FERPA regulations regarding privacy, the names have been changed.

Case Study #4: School

This case study is about a middle school student who applied HEAT to his or her life.

Steve came to us with very low self-esteem, poor grades, low math scores, no friends, and a chain of negative emotions and limiting beliefs around school. As is the case with all the students we train, we apply HEAT. By applying habit, emotion, attitude training, Steve’s mindset toward school and relationships changed. He or she became a “new” person.

After applying HEAT these old emotions and beliefs lost their meaning and new supportive beliefs and positive emotions around school were created. Steve’s attitude totally changed, and his or her grades improved dramatically. Steve increased almost two grade levels in math in less than a year and Steve’s math test scores went from the bottom 10% in a nationally standardized math test to 50%. His or her personal magnetism improved dramatically, and Steve became popular with members of the opposite sex and got involved in sports. That success carried on throughout high school and into his professional life.

Case Study #5: School

This case study is about a student who was in eighth grade when he or she applied HEAT to his or her life.

Sam was a shy student who was disinterested in school, lacked self-confidence, had very personal relationships and none of any real substance. Sam’s self-identity was not as a learner. The negative beliefs about his or her ability to learn was an enormous obstacle to success. Like Sandy, Sam had no positive habits, understanding of how to manage emotions, and an attitude of indifference at best. As is the case with all the students we work with, supportive habits around entering a learning state, organization, and thinking patterns had to be developed. Old beliefs and inappropriate strategies had to be interrupted and replaced. When Sam learned to manage his or her emotions and developed a new set of beliefs the attitude began to change. Changing his or her attitude, Sam was able to find a new love of learning as well as overcome the shyness that prevented meaningful relationships from being developed.

 Sam made changes in his or her mindset. That shift carried over to high school. This is a note we received from Sam’s mom, “[Sam] talks about how you and your team completely turned things around for her/him academically… we saw a curriculum which simultaneously broke down prior notions about ability levels, recreated new pathways to learning, and aggressively allowed the new learning to take place, in volumes!” Today, Sam is attending an exclusive college and majoring in philosophy.

Case Study #6: School

This case study is about another seventh grade student who applied HEAT to his or her life.

Sandy entered my program as a seventh grade student. This student had serious attendance issues, low self-image, and struggled academically. The student had no habits, emotional management skills, and his or her attitude toward school was one of indifference. There were numerous limiting beliefs and negative emotions attached to school memories that were interfering with the student’s ability to attend school consistently and perform up to the ability the student had.

First order of business was to build the all-important personal relationship and rituals inside our classroom. The rituals were designed to improve organizational skills and provide structure while simultaneously build the ability to enter the learning state on cue. Simultaneously, we started interrupting old unsupportive beliefs and strategies and establishing new supportive beliefs and strategies. With the development of these new beliefs, a new attitude was created. Attendance improved. Academic performance improved. Personal relationships improved. After two school years in our program, the student moved onto high school.

The students adjusted very well to high school. A very strong friendship that was formed with another student in our program continued all through high school and into college. Academic performance had improved dramatically and college became a goal when it wasn’t part of the belief system in middle school. We got this note from the student just after the half-way point of his or her freshman year, “I just took midterms -... Right now I have a 97… 98… 98… 96… 94;... thank you so much for all your help over the two years I got to be in your class. If it hadn’t been for all the times you sat down with me [working on my mindset]… I would have been so lost this year…” Today, this student is finding success in college when college wasn’t in the conversation in 7th grade. It wasn’t something believable for this student.

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