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Welcome to Growth Mindset Training Academy (GMTA). You are not here by accident. You were likely seeking information on training a growth mindset. You have come to right place. GMTA’s purpose is to provide knowledge on training this all-important mindset. 

On this site we intend to educate you on the various mindsets that are essentials to achieve your goals and find joy and fulfillment in living. We hope you will find the information useful and begin to apply the knowledge to actually train your mindset. Our mission is to help people develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset that will cause you to meet every trial and tribulation life deals to you and come out better from those experiences. To do that you need what most people would refer to as a growth mindset but we refer to a more encompassing idea of a mindset of a champion.

Growth Mindset Training Academy's Curriculum

The information on these pages will give you a foretaste for what would be in our full on-line training curriculum. On this site is the knowledge you need to develop the skill set and growth mindset that leads to finding success and joy and a feeling of fulfillment in your life. Unfortunately, it is my experience that Henry David Thoreau was correct when he wrote that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. They may achieve great things but find no joy or fulfillment in the process. They may dream great dreams but allow emotions to control them and limit their ability to go after and achieve those dreams. They may enjoy their chosen profession but struggle with personal and or family relationships. The training curriculum is designed to help you meet life's challenges head on - embrace them even by "embracing the suck" - and learn how to find self-satisfaction in the entire process of living.

On these pages you will learn about:

  • a growth mindset
  • growth mindset and the brain
  • growth mindset and encouragement
  • growth mindset examples
  • growth mindset in education
  • growth mindset and leadership
  • how to develop a growth mindset
  • a fixed mindset
  • the key mindsets that make up a mindset of a champion
  • personal growth
  • building resilience
  • complete athlete training
  • extrinsic motivation
  • life coaching
  • mentoring

and a whole lot more. 

It is my sincere desire that you learn all you can and begin to apply it, but the truth is most of you won't do this on your own. You need to make the commitment to actually enroll in a growth mindset training curriculum so you will find lots of information and opportunities to learn about what we offer and we strongly encourage a personal conversation to learn more about what is involved in training a growth mindset or any mindset.

Growth Mindset Training Academy Basic Structure: The mindset of a champion arch.

We at Growth Mindset Training Academy and its parent Success Institutes work hard to help our clients to create a lifestyle that supports their entire being. On these pages you will learn about what we consider the essential "mindsets" as well as learn about some valuable skills while encouraging you to regularly practice and develop those skills. We hope you will strive to develop your skillset and mindsets. 

GMTA offers information about training a mindset of a champion arch, the metaphor we use to explain how mindsets work together to create a growth mindset or the mindset of a champion.

There are eight components of this arch: foundation, two piers, four voussoirs, and the keystone. Each represents a mindset. The mindsets represented are a mindset of love (agape), faith, faithfulness, family, friendships, mind, body (health and well-being), and the keystone - human spirit. There is one other mindset which is associated with finances and money and that is the mindset of a millionaire.

Before beginning the training it is vital to prepare your mind for the training. GMTA curriculum provides methodical training in all these areas. Here you can learn the essentials to the process. The process we use is to apply HEAT - habit, emotion, attitude, training.

We do offer a number of premium mindset training programs for individuals and families. We also have specially priced programs for sports teams and businesses. While we focus our exclusive private training programs on teenagers, college students, student athletes, and athletic teams, the trainings are for anyone seeking to become the best person they can be. Your mindset is essential for finding success and fulfillment in life. Providing that training for teenagers and college students is the ideal time because their “job” is to learn and having a mindset of a champion trained at that age will be essential for giving them the best start they can in life. Why would anyone wait?

Enjoy this video and then look at the offer below...

Please consider watching this video. Thank You

Growth Mindset Training for Teens: Why it is so vital.

So many parents say to me they are trying to find something… anything to help their child develop the self-confidence and inner fortitude that is necessary to succeed in school and life, but they are still stuck with the old, school based solutions like guidance groups, special education classes, or “alternative” education classes that don’t address the core problem.  

I know this sounds crazy, but go with me  

The parents we work with go from seeing their child struggle with any one of the following: high stress, low self-confidence, poor peer relations, academic pressures, or fear to watching their child thrive in and out of the classroom without having to rely on ineffective and stigmatizing school based or community based classes or programs.  

Sure, someone could try guidance groups, social work groups, or whatever else public schools might offer them, but only if they want their child to address their problems slowly and with more of a struggle.  

But, the simple fact is our parents watch their teen train the habits, emotional management, and attitude that will prepare them for success in and out of school without having to worry about their child feeling insecure, or stigmatized by being placed in “special” programs and classes.  

Ready to see how it’s done? Then hit the link below to watch my 100% free presentation.  

It’s a must watch for any parent who is serious about helping their child become happy, well rounded and confident adults. 

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