Benefits of Life Coaching

There are many benefits of life coaching. If you want to improve your life, it is important to seek knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Ideally, the life coach will have knowledge, wisdom to pass along and help you discover truth. Truth is something that hopefully those with knowledge and wisdom naturally impart, but there are many truths about yourself that you need to discover. That is a skill a life coach should have and is an important benefit of life coaching. 

Beyond imparting knowledge, wisdom, and helping clients discover truth, a life coach should be providing a structured approach for making lifestyle changes that support your mind, body, spirit, relationships, and further developing the character traits that enable clients to face, navigate, and come through any storm that life my dish out. It is this ability that is the key to living a successful and fulfilling life. It is the ultimate of all the benefits of life coaching.

Imparting Knowledge, One of Several Benefits of Life Coaching

During the life coaching process the client should be gaining in knowledge. The process of gaining knowledge includes reading, discussing, thinking, watching, and listening. The coach should be providing readings and or lectures that emphasize or reinforce certain information that the coach wants the client to obtain. The knowledge should be related to the goal of helping the client learn specific knowledge related to health, well-being, the brain, learning, relationships, or character traits that the client needs to develop to become their best.

Besides reading or watching videos or listening to a lecture, the coach should be helping the client practice the process of thinking, which entails learning to ask good questions. Part of this process ideally would involve access to other people who are thinking or have thought about the same topic and responded. It is this process of reading, watching, listening, thinking, and discussing that is one of the more valuable of the benefits of life coaching.

Gaining wisdom is undoubtedly one of the most valuable of the benefits of life coaching.

Developing Wisdom, Another of the Benefits of Life Coaching

As a life coach works with their client, one of the goals is to help the client become more in touch with their past. Understanding where you come from and learning from past events is one source of wisdom. Gaining wisdom is undoubtedly one of the most invaluable of the benefits of life coaching.

The wisdom can come from the application of the knowledge, but often the most crucial source wisdom comes from the self-reflective processes that should be part of the coaching experience. Wisdom comes from experience but so much of what we are to learn gets lost in the emotions of the moment and because your brain distorts, generalizes, or deletes pertinent information, the coach should be showing the client how to recover that information. Recovering that information and asking the right questions about the event leads to wisdom.

Wisdom is also acquired through the process of thinking about those character traits that are crucial to becoming the person you want to be – the best version of yourself. The coach should be helping the client uncover the hidden wisdom from the clients past. Bringing that to the client’s conscious awareness is where wisdom is born. Again, gaining wisdom is one of the undeniable benefits of life coaching.

Discovering Truth, Yet Another of the Benefits of Life Coaching

It should go without saying that the knowledge being gained is rooted in the truth. Wisdom also relies on truth or else it really isn’t wisdom. Seeking truth in this context is really about self-reflection. It is the process of analyzing who you think you are and the truth of those beliefs you have about who you are, how the world operates, your position in the world, and human nature. These “truths” profoundly shape your behaviors.

People often create false “truths” by believing lies. They believe lies about who they are, what they are capable of, how the world works, their position in the world, and human nature. The beliefs they develop in these areas often are not based on truth. The world is filled with examples of people who refused to believe what the world told them about any of those categories and went on to achieve the “impossible” or the “unthinkable”.

Perhaps the greatest of the benefits of life coaching is when the coach helps you discover and challenge false beliefs or limiting decisions you have made. This process is far too often not included or only superficially part of life coaching. When it is included the benefits of life coaching are undeniable.

LIfe coaches should not shy away from the hard job of creating a culture of accountability,  where the crucial success habits become much more likely to be created.

Your Lifestyle and Benefits of Life Coaching

The benefits of life coaching beyond the knowledge gained, wisdom acquired, and truth learned is dependent on the habits created around emotional management practices and attitude maintenance and development skills. The life coaching process should be focused on helping clients develop these habits. That is the greatest challenge facing any coach.

Many life coaches know that creation of these habits are the responsibility of the client. Because of that, many coaches focus their energies on imparting knowledge, wisdom, and truths about the importance of habits, but shy away from the harder job of creating a culture of accountability where habits are more likely to be developed.

In this clip below, Nick Saban explains the truth about where most people fail in the development of the mindset – it comes at the very end. Nick Saban knows something about success and winning. A life coach should be working to create a culture of accountability to help their clients get all the benefits of life coaching by increasing the likelihood that they develop crucial habits and life management skills.

Family Life Coaching, The Ultimate Bang for Your Buck

So many parents say to me they are trying to find something… anything to help their child develop the self-confidence and inner fortitude that is necessary to succeed in school and life, but they are still stuck with the old, school based solutions like guidance groups, special education classes, or “alternative” education classes that don’t address the core problem.

I know this sounds crazy, but go with me.

The parents we work with go from seeing their child struggle with any one of the following:

  • high stress
  • low self-confidence
  • poor peer relations
  • academic pressures
  • fear 

to watching their child thrive in and out of the classroom without having to rely on ineffective and stigmatizing school based or community based classes or programs.

Sure, someone could try guidance groups, social work groups, or whatever else public schools might offer them, but only if they want their child to address their problems slowly and with more of a struggle.

But, the simple fact is our parents watch their teen train the habits, emotional management, and attitude that will prepare them for success in and out of school without having to worry about their child feeling insecure, or stigmatized by being placed in “special” programs and classes.

Beyond that most parents realize the power of our family training option. They discover 

  • a closer bond with their children
  • discover and remove their own obstacles to a more fulfilling life
  • improve their own levels of stress
  • feel so much more joy as the entire family grows spiritually together

Ready to see how it’s done? Then hit the link below for my 100% free presentation.It’s a must watch for any parent who is serious about helping their child become happy, well rounded and confident adults and potentially their entire family find levels of joy they dream about.

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