Apply HEAT: Attitude Training

Attitude training is all about controlling your beliefs, values, and thinking patterns. Your attitude is the projection through your actions of how you have represented reality internally. Two significant components of your attitude are your beliefs and your values. These can be trained, changed, or released. If you believe school is boring, you aren’t very smart, you don’t learn anything you will ever use, and is a waste of your precious time, how well do you think you will do in school? Do you think you would reach your full potential as a student? If you believe that businessmen are out to simply make a profit and don’t care about their customers or employers what would be your attitude at work or toward someone who wants to start a business? Your attitude truly is one of the most important things you can train. Training a positive attitude is far more beneficial for achieving desired outcomes than having a negative and cynical attitude. If you want to be the best whether it is as a student, athlete, parent, or in your profession your mindset will drive everything.

Attitude Training: Powerful Attitude Training Tools

Like training your emotions, before you begin training a positive, success oriented, people oriented, service oriented attitude, you ideally would do some self-discovery. Discovering what you believe to be true and what you value you most, you would then be able to identify those beliefs that may be limiting you and values that may either be in conflict with one or another or may not be very conducive to achieving desired outcomes. You can use the same tools to eliminate limiting decisions from your memory as you do negative emotions. Again, I believe Time Line Therapy techniques offer a very simple and powerful approach for doing that. It also lends itself to guiding someone through the process through just audio or through a video. Like any therapeutic technique, if you have clinically diagnosed mental health issues or think you might, you should seek the help of a professional and not try to self-treat through a mindset training program. Most of us though can use these techniques very well to not only clear up our past but manage our beliefs in the future.

Another simple and powerful tool for dealing in particular with values conflicts is a technique called a visual squash. This technique also lends itself very well to being taught through audio or video. The language used by the therapist or coach trained in these techniques as a significant influence on the results. Having the demonstration video, you can use that at any time to deal with a conflict you may have developed between competing values. A common example of a values “conflict” would be a person who desires greater income (money) and never seems to be able to get that higher paying job or promotion in large part because he or she values family, friends, fun, freedom, respect, love, and camaraderie (or any host of other values) more than they value money. Because those other things are more important on the unconscious level their attitude communicates on the unconscious level someone who may not be willing to put in the extra time or energy that would be necessary to earn the kind of income they desire. Thus, they don’t get that promotion or job they think they want.

Attitude Training: Keys To Building a Positive Attitude

When limiting beliefs and values issues are cleaned up you can then focus on training – adopting – the beliefs and values that are supportive of the outcomes you want. The congruency between what you think you believe and what you really believe is aligned. There are techniques such as swish patterns that can be extremely quick and efficient at changing beliefs while the visual squash is fantastic for dealing with values. TLT techniques is also fabulous for dealing with beliefs. Of course, to truly embed these as part of your very nature you will want to reinforce them with your habits. Repeating the new beliefs, visualizing yourself acting on those new beliefs on a regular basis only helps to reinforce them and make them part of your self-identity. Attitude training is all about building a positive attitude. Positive thinking rules the day.

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