Growth Mindset and the Brain

What is the connection between a growth mindset and the brain? The brain is the focal point of training a mindset. It is in the brain that most of the neurological connections happen. The mind though is not solely located in the brain. We don’t even really understand from a scientific standpoint what the mind is.

The mind is where our thoughts and emotions and creativity all reside. There are different parts of the brain associated with different aspects of the mind but the mind also goes beyond consciousness. There are unconscious aspects of our mind and some of those are activated in the brain, but not all. The mind really does permeate the entire life system.

At the cellular level not only do we have information in the form of DNA and even the very shape of proteins, but the molecules that are responsible for decoding the information know they are supposed to decode the information and they know how. The only known explanation for that is a mind. In other words, the mind permeates the entire system. A growth mindset and the brain are connected but the mind goes beyond just that connection.

A mind permeates all of life.

Growth Mindset and the Brain:
The NLP Communication Model

Our focus on a growth mindset and the brain is how the brain interprets language. For our purposes we will use the neuro-linguistic programming communication model. According to this model our brain acts very much like a computer. It constantly is processing the information that comes into it via the five senses (and even potentially that mysterious sixth sense of intuition). The brain will then use a number of filters to delete, distort, or generalize the information to make it manageable. Your brain will create internal representations that have meaning and create an emotional state and a physiological response connected to that state, which in turn helps trigger a behavior. A growth mindset and your brain are connected through those internal representations.

Growth Mindset and the Brain: The Mind

The mind is where the conscious and unconscious play a role. Thoughts that become beliefs. Thoughts that become values. Unresolved emotions triggering thoughts, emotions, and actions. All these things are part of the mindset and have activity in the brain. All of us can learn how our brain creates programs and how it represents and codes emotions, beliefs, and values. There are beliefs associated with a growth mindset and the brain is responsible for coding those beliefs which in turn influence behavior. The same can be said for values. Also, understanding how emotions can be controlled and how they are influenced by both the physiology of the body and the internal representations allows your mindset to become the force that controls the system. Your mindset controls the system and you can consciously learn to shape the mindset.

Because the mind is nonmaterial, we at Success Institutes and Growth Mindset Training Academy consider it part of the spiritual realm. There are patterns being run and brain activity going on beyond our conscious awareness all the time. Those unconscious thoughts and patterns can have a significant impact on the formation of our mindset. How we consciously connect to that realm and take control of the system is in large part the determining factor in how well we manage our mindset and our outcomes – social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual.

If you want to master your mindset you need to understand that your growth mindset and the brain are both things you can gain control over. You also need to recognize that a mind permeates the entire system so concepts like love, faith, and faithfulness become inseparable with mastering your mindset.

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