Apply HEAT: Training Habits

Training habits is an essential part of Success Institute’s Growth Mindset Training Academy curriculum. The curriculum applies HEAT - habit, emotion, attitude training - to achieve our success. Our programs focus on building habits, teaching emotion management skills, and building an attitude based on crucial characteristics necessary for long-term success and fulfillment. You will learn about those characteristics and why they are crucial on these pages. You will learn essential habits that need to be trained and important emotion management skills. It is the training part that will be left up to you. It is that part where upwards of 92% of the people fail, because they believe failure exists, don’t have a big enough why, don’t have accountability partners, don’t have the structure or systems needed, and or haven’t assumed enough risk.

Training Habits: Your Rituals

While we all have habits, good and bad, the highest achievers make a point of training habits that specifically support their desired outcomes. They purposefully plan and train habits. The two foundational habits you should be training are a morning and evening ritual. We already have those routines established; they just aren’t purposeful. For the vast majority of people, morning and evening habits are not rituals but routines. Most of the steps are done out of necessity and with no real thought behind them. Many of these routines and habits may not even be good habits.

The essential purpose of a morning ritual is to prepare your mind and body for the day while the essential purpose of an evening ritual is to reflect on the day and manage your attitude and emotions. The habits you develop are developed to be life-long habits. Mindset training is a life-long process. A morning ritual should include practices that get you anchored to whatever your winnable daily outcomes are and whatever your responsibilities are for the day. Visualizing your desired outcomes for the day, you train your mind to focus on essential tasks and when done properly responses to a variety of possible outcomes. You will also want to consider perhaps one of the most important emotional management skills there is: purposeful breathing practices. Three other components to consider includes meditation/prayer/mindfulness. This habit can, maybe even should be, part of your breathing and visualization practice. Another is personal growth or learning time. A final one is some type of physical exercise. If you have those elements in your morning ritual you will be preparing your mind and body for the day.

With the primary purpose of an evening ritual being reflecting on the day, journaling is the ideal tool to use. Writing by hand your thoughts and answers to specific power questions, you will be training yourself to separate out important life lessons from emotions while also evaluating your progress on the winnable micro goals you should be establishing to lead you toward longer term objectives. Besides this essential component, more body work such as yoga and breath work will help train your mind-body system. Using some powerful emotional management tools, you can also manage the emotions you experienced during the day. A final component may be a continuation of personal growth. Personal growth should be part of either the morning, or evening ritual, or both. These two habits are the most important habits to train.

Training Habits Takes Time & Patience

Training habits takes time. On average it takes 66 consecutive days to train a habit. When you consider that number, you can probably begin to realize why 92% of people don’t achieve their goals associated with forming habits. It takes a big personal Why, accountability, and or a structured system for people to create those essential habits. Another reason we strongly encourage the training of teens and college students is parents, coaches, and other people can take responsibility for providing the Why, and accountability. As previously mentioned, their primary responsibility at this stage of their life is to train themselves. With mindset being so important to life-long success and happiness why on earth would we not do all we can to get teens and young adults training their mindset?

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