Growth Mindset Training: Apply HEAT

Success Institutes' Growth Mindset Training Academy applies HEAT - habit, emotion, attitude training - to achieve our success. Being trained is not the same as being taught. When you go through a training you expect to develop specific skills that you can use. While both impart knowledge, training implies being able to apply the knowledge in order to do something. Teaching tends to be more about how or why without necessarily giving the opportunities to practice or develop the skill. Teaching tends to be more theoretical and abstract, while training focuses on opportunities to practice and do. Teaching primarily focuses on providing knowledge. The purpose of training on the other hand is to develop skills.

Growth Mindset Training vs Growth Mindset Teaching

For example, this website is more about teaching than training. It teaches you what you need to do to train a growth mindset, what it entails, but it doesn’t have the structure or provide the assignments or accountability mechanism to get you to do the necessary activities that would train your mindset. That is why we have training programs. The knowledge is invaluable and you can use it to design and establish your own training program, but the vast majority of you won’t nor will you have been fully trained to create a good training program.  

Training takes longer than being taught. I can teach you all the information you need to develop a growth mindset or the mindset of a champion but training that mindset takes months at best and years to truly master.  One of the problems with public and university education is too much of a focus on content knowledge versus thinking skills or training of a mindset. It is the latter two that are the most valuable skills to possess. Today corporate America regularly complains that university graduates do not have the essential skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. There are some fields at the University level that do well at training skills in that field, but even then the all-important success habits, emotional management and attitude training that directly lead to long-term success in each area of your life – personal, professional, civic and spiritual are not fully taught and definitely are not trained. Training your mindset will encompass learning important information about all the components of a mindset, and opportunities to do purposefully designed activities to train habits, emotions, and attitude.

Growth Mindset Training: A Life-Long Process

Because mindset training is a life-long process, it makes the most sense to get started younger. It should be appealing for parents, employers, and students themselves to have formal education teach important bodies of knowledge and train them to reason, and think critically, as well as train the habits, emotions, and attitude they will continue to develop throughout their lives. This rarely happens, which is why individual adults and industry spend billions on professional development. People should be involved in life-long learning. One of our training programs is all about developing the mindset to desire life-long learning. Without good initial training, however, people will not fully benefit from all the teaching and training they get as adults. For those in the corporate world, a good professional development program helps employees become the best person they can be and should involve passing on values, reinforcing organizational culture, and developing relationships with and among colleagues.

Ultimately, for a training to be effective the student has to be an active participant. That is also true for teaching to be effective. Students need to discover their Why, be held accountable, have structure and discipline applied, and take advantage of synergy. Parents, coaches, employers can go a long way in helping students find their why, hold them accountable, and provide structure and discipline. A thorough training program will provide structured lessons designed to develop thinking patterns, skills, character traits, habits, and opportunities to engage with others (synergy) while also enlisting those with influence to help provide accountability, discipline, and structure.

Growth Mindset Training for Professionals

Here is some advice from Ian MacRae at for employers (parents and coaches too) looking for growth mindset training programs “Look past the shiny sales pitches and slick suits to see the true value of a training program and how it fits with the development of your employees and organization. Experienced trainers know how to identify the difference: Are there meaningful and measurable outcomes to the training? Are the outcomes valuable and applicable to learners’ work?” As a teacher and a trainer it is important for me to say both are valuable. Here we are trying to teach and provide knowledge so you can either develop your own training program or have a better idea of what to look for when seeking a growth mindset training program – or any mindset training program for that matter. Parents, coaches, and employers all should be considering mindset training for their teenagers, athletes, or employees.

Applying HEAT: Training Habits

Applying HEAT: Training Emotions

Applying HEAT: Attitude Training

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