Be Your Own Life Coach

You can hire a life coach or you can be your own life coach. You may need the former to do the latter, but once you have the skills and structure in place there is no reason why you can’t do most of the work of a life coach for yourself. The essentials are learning some basic emotional and attitude management skills and then developing the habits to use those skills on a daily basis to drive you toward your chosen destiny. What a gift this training is for any young person who desires to be a master of their mindset.

Whether you want to be your own life coach or you want your child to become their own life coach, you need to be willing to make five important shifts.

Be Your Own Life Coach by
Learning Essential Mindset Training Tools

Without a question you can learn some basic tools that would allow you to begin the life-long process of being the master of your mindset. A few of you may even desire to truly learn skills such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy Techniques, Hypnosis, Psychodynamic Therapy or some other therapy. Those who do would spend years getting the education and training and a lifetime of developing the skill.

Simply learning some basic tools where you then develop the skill working on yourself during your lifetime is what allows you to become your own life coach. Just as learning to feed and exercise your body helps maintain physical health and well-being, learning to feed your mind and properly exercise your mind helps you achieve your desired  outcomes while managing stress and living life more abundantly or joyfully.

Essential mindset tools would be learning things like how to cut aka chords or how to do the enlightenment process, or how to use TLT techniques to let go of limiting decisions or old unresolved negative emotions, or how to use anchoring among other tools. Having access to a training program with instruction and a video model that you can go back to time and time again is invaluable. Having a trainer you can reach out to in person or over the internet for assistance becomes even more valuable. Using that knowledge is how you develop the skill.

One of the more important tools if you want to be your own life coach is to practice journaling. Journaling enables you to self-reflect and evaluate and process and plan. If you use some essential reflective questioning practice taken from cognitive behavioral therapy and NL, you will also use this process to manage emotions, reframe different situations, and keep yourself on track. If you are also good at asking for feedback from others, journaling will allow you to use that feedback to work on weak areas in your life.

Journaling coupled with a regular planning program for working on your dreams and goals is a powerful one-two punch in any coaching regimen. There is no reason you can’t do that for yourself.

Be Your Own Life Coach by Applying HEAT

When you apply HEAT to your life, you will essentially be your own life coach. By committing yourself to habit, emotion, attitude training that includes working on the Mindset of a Champion Arch, you will put into place all the ingredients necessary to progressively attain, predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.

It begins with the formation of success habits. These habits should have several elements. You need to have habits around your physical well-being, emotional well-being, constantly working to improve your mind, body, heart, and intuition (gut-instincts), to attain unitatis quattro – four united as one. With these elements in place the habit is about using those systems you developed to address each of those areas of your life on a daily basis. You will then be your own life coach.

Being your own life coach does not mean you won’t find yourself wanting or needing a specific coach. Maybe you are an athlete and need a specific coach for a specific skill. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who needs a coach who can help you master online marketing. There may be a time when due to some significant emotion experience that you have become “derailed” or stuck. You may need professional help or a coach at that time to get back on track or unstuck. However, it is possible you will have developed the mastery at that point in your  life to handle it yourself.

Imagine the power of being in or just out of school and knowing you have received the knowledge and training and have the resources readily accessible to be your own life coach.

Teens and Twenties Need to Be Their Own Life Coach

Imagine the power of being in or just out of school and knowing that you have received the knowledge and training and have the resources readily accessible to be your own life coach. The only thing you lack at that point is experience, which only time and or wisdom can give you. Wisdom comes from experience, yours or others, or God.

Being young and having the habits and mindset of a champion would be an enormous advantage as you adventure off on your own and began to face the storms of life as captain of your own ship. Having the training to deal with those storms, learn from them, come out better because of them is all about having gotten the mindset training essentials that allow you to be your own life coach.

Part of that coaching would have included learning more about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. It would have included developing the emotional management habits that allow you to conquer fear and act with courage. It would have included skills on building valuable, deep, relationships. It would have included letting go of old limiting bonds that may have come from family. It would have included training on how to deal with family situations that may be their own storm or have the potential to interfere with the successful navigation of another storm. It would include working on your attitude of learning. It would include feeding the spirit and developing that spirit of a champion.  

With their whole life ahead of them why wouldn’t we give mature, motivated young people the training to be their own life coach?

Growth Mindset Training Academy Be Your Own Life Coach Curriculum

When you invest in the entire GMTA growth mindset curriculum, you are getting your own life coach training. You get thorough online knowledge with assignments and videos all designed to show you skills, change thinking, develop thinking, and build the habit. You will also get small group sessions weekly with the possibility of 1:1 coaching time if truly needed. You will have access to these courses for life.

You will also have access to community of learners who are going through this with you or have gone through it already. That is a place to share frustrations and more importantly solutions. It is a place to ask questions and find answers.

The value of this curriculum is priceless. We strongly encourage families, teams, groups or cohorts to do this together and incentivize that practice. We limit the number of people we take in this be your own life coach program each year to 120. It will take between two and half and four years to complete depending on your commitment. There are even partial scholarships available under the right conditions.

The only way to enroll in this program is to schedule a time where we can have a conversation over the phone for about 45 minutes. This is not for everyone and we don’t take everyone. If you want to be your own life coach and have your teen or college age child become their own life coach get on the phone with us – you, your significant other, your child or children and let’s see if this is a match. The phone call is absolutely the safest way and best way to help you decide if this is right for you, or not. Sign up below.

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