A Power Homeschool:
Education, the Home, and a Growth Mindset

Not to be confused with the company Power Homeschool, which we do recommend for those interested in home schooling (more on that below), a power homeschool is a home where the full education of the child is a priority. In my nearly thirty years in public education, one of the great tragedies I have experienced is far too many homes, even homes with well-educated and successful parents, give education lip service. Parents have been led to believe that public schools will do the job for them. In reality, the most successful students come from homes that not only have expectation for educational excellence, but they provide the discipline, structure, and emotional support to make sure it happens.

A power homeschool education then, does not mean the parents are necessarily homeschooling their child directly, but their home is recognized as a school as much as the public or private school their child attends. Furthermore, the power homeschool understands the importance of training a growth mindset or a mindset of a champion.

The power homeschool understands the importance of training a growth mindset or a mindset of a champion.

A Power Homeschool: Why mindset training is a must

Throughout this website we provide information not only on the different mindsets one needs to train, but various tools and strategies for training it. While families can establish, and do, to a certain extent, establish a mindset training regime, it is typically done without deliberate and purposeful design. We raise our children in large part through modeling and we typical model by how we were raised.

Schools provide minimal education in this realm and do so the way they teach most subjects – provide knowledge and then some exercises to see if the student has internalized the knowledge.  That is well and good but simply doesn’t go far enough.

Professional people are spending thousands of dollars annually to get the mindset training and coaching they should have gotten in middle and high school. Ultimately, most of anyone’s success in school and their professional life will come from their mindset.

A power homeschool setting will purposefully, carefully, and pragmatically implement a mindset training program. Even if your school provides classes that are supposed to address this issue, parents who do not ensure that their child is applying HEAT will, simply put, be far less likely to see the positive results intended. 

Think about the value of raising a student to be confident, in control of their emotions, and with an attitude that draws others to them. A student with the habits and skills to manage the trials and tribulations life dishes out. There is no doubt your child and probably even you know students, even high achieving students, who are a ball of stress. Worry, fear, anxiety and other negative emotions control them instead of the other way around. Proper mindset training is indeed priceless, is it not?

A Power Homeschool and
The Personal Breakthrough Training.

The basic idea of the Growth Mindset Training Academy curriculum is there are a number of different mindsets that work together to create the character traits exhibited by someone who has what is commonly considered a growth mindset. Each of those mindsets needs training, which includes knowledge, skill development, and habit formation. Habit formation more than the other two areas needs a power homeschool – a home that provides the structure, discipline, and emotional support necessary for success. 

Before training the elements of the mindset of a champion arch, a power homeschool will ensure that their child “excavates the ground.” They should be experiencing what we call a personal breakthrough training. In that training, they will go through a process of self-discovery, habit formation, and a process to release limiting decisions and negative emotions that may be holding them back and not allowing them to fully access their full capabilities.

Every mindset needs to be trained, which includes knowledge, skill development, and habit formation. Habit formation more than the other two needs a power homeschool.

Power Homeschool Case Study

Let me restate the example of Steve. Steve was a middle school student who had a number of belief systems interfering in his success in school socially and academically.

Before entering into the class I ran Steve was in the bottom 10% of students his age on a nationally normed math test. He was making little progress. Releasing those limiting beliefs and negative emotions attached to them Steve went from that tenth percentile to fiftieth percentile on that math test, but he also dramatically improved his confidence which significantly contributed to his ability to decide to run track and thus begin to develop personal relationships that were essentially non-existent before.  

Power Homeschool and Training
the Mindset of a Champion Arch

After completing that personal breakthrough training, a power homeschool student would be ready for purposeful and directed training in the mindset of a champion arch. Other places in this website we have much more information about each component of the arch. Let me summarize them here.

The foundation is training a mindset of love. There are thirteen different virtues that are the focus of that training. They are patience, kindness, not being envious, not being boastful or proud, not dishonoring others, not being self-seeking, being slow to anger, not delighting in evil thoughts but rejoicing in the truth, being protective, trusting, hopeful, and perseverant. Each of these virtues is addressed and I am sure just by looking at them you realize those are virtues that have long been associated with highly sought after and respected people.

After that training is done we look at faith. Training faith is essential and sometimes personal. It can definitely be the realm of your religious make-up, but make no mistake about it modern culture has a tremendous influence on faith. In fact, I suggest that education and popular culture currently have more influence than family and church on the an individual’s worldview. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to many people, this creates unconscious internal conflicts because what many people think they believe at a deeply unconscious level they really question. Congruence is vital for a healthy and strong mindset.

Faithfulness is the next virtue to be trained. In this training there are eight essential virtues that characterize faithfulness. Those are introduced in this training.

The next two trainings would be the relationship trainings. In these trainings you are trying to determine the influence friendships and family have had on shaping your mindset so you can be in better control over what you believe about yourself and people in general. Also, there are some foundational skills for operating within a family structure or in dealing with people that are trained.

The next two trainings are the mind and body component. Our mindset regarding learning is addressed. What we think and how we think is covered. We also need to develop a mindset of well-being. Well-being meaning holistic health. That includes our physical, mental health, and spiritual health. Looking at the elements that make that up and training in the tools to create a healthy life style is the objective.

The final piece of the arch is the keystone. It is the spirit of a champion. This is where the trainings come full circle and we come back to early elements and reinforce them through different avenues. The spirit training impacts our entire being – mind, body, and spirit. That in turn impacts our relationships.

The bonus training is a millionaire’s mindset. Understanding money, wealth creation, and the impact money and wealth has on our thinking is the primary aim. Learning about the interplay between money, values, beliefs, and moral teachings is addressed.

In all of these trainings habit formation is woven throughout. The habit formation begins with the personal breakthrough and the two core habits trained then are utilized and reinforced in the rest of the trainings. That is the secret to proper mindset training. A power home school understands the need to train the full arch by applying H.E.A.T.

Power Homeschool and the Growth Mindset Training Academy Curriculum

Every school, public, private, or a homeschool has to teach math, reading, writing, history, civics, and science. A power homeschool will also ensure their children take control of their mindset and get proper mindset training. This is undoubtedly the most commonly ignored or under-emphasized part of a child’s education.

Parents have essentially two choices. First, read all the material here and put it into practice by applying what you learned in the creation of your own training. Everything you need is here. All you need to do is invest your time to provide your child the structure, discipline, emotional support, and lessons that will train each of these mindsets.

Option two would be looking into the complete Growth Mindset Training Academy curriculum. If utilized year round it would take approximately two and a half years to complete this entire curriculum. Following a traditional school schedule it would take just under four school years to complete.  

There are two ways students can enroll. A family can simply pay the fee for each course and take them on their own. Upon completion they would get a certificate and the tremendous benefits and self-satisfaction of actually completing this curriculum. We strongly encourage families to do this together and give significant discounts for families.

We do not enroll anyone without first consulting with us. We have several different bundles and as much as we believe strongly in going through the entire curriculum we recognize that every person and family is in a little different situation so one of our other bundle packages could be a better fit.

The premium option is for the most serious. We do not take everyone who is interested in our Growth Mindset Training Academy private master training program. We do not register more than 10 individuals each month. We strongly encourage families, cohorts, or teams because they provide invaluable support and accountability for each member and we see more people graduate when done as a group.  We provide significant savings if you register as a family, team, or cohort. I need to emphasize that this premium master training…

Is NOT for Everybody. Here's Who I Can Help:

I would be perfectly comfortable if I only enrolled one person every month. It is true that I will make a very good income if I enroll 10 people every month, but I have enough wealth. I want my clients to get results. I'm VERY picky about who I'll speak with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

1.  You need to be able to and willing to provide structure and discipline for whoever will be going through this training – including yourself.

This offer is for those who will commit to following through by creating the appropriate physical space, emotional support, and accountability needed to complete the training and graduate. If you are not prepared to lovingly hold members of your family, team, or cohort accountable if they haven’t completed their daily tasks - no offense, but this is not for you. If you want to do this for yourself and you are unwilling to find an accountability partner to hold you accountable - no offense, but this is not for you.

2. You MUST be willing to use your influence as a parent, partner, coach, friend, or colleague to guide, encourage, and excite those enrolled so they will be an elite champion and complete the training and graduate.

If you have a history of not being very supportive, or feel like you can’t be an encourager, or worse, are too self-seeking to do what is necessary to help others complete this training - no offense, but this is NOT for you.

Establishing a success loop with my clients is VERY important to me and this is a team approach to help prevent our students from being crippled by coddling. Please, be someone who doesn't mess around, and is serious about results.

That's it - if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we're good.

The next step is to watch the video below and then click the link below which will take you to our calendar page where we can schedule a time to talk for about 45 – 60 minutes to determine with you and whoever else needs to be part of the conversation (i.e. spouse or partner or administrator or…) about desired outcomes, procedures, and truly determine if this is right for you. Click the link below to take you to that page now. 

Again, this conversation is for any of our trainings private or general. I want to add that during that conversation we will not only discuss what your ultimate objectives in terms of mindset training but also education in general – public, private, or home school. If you do currently or want to home school that will be part of the conversation.

We have a number of resources for helping parents educate their children beyond mindset training. We are very selective in who we take on and limit enrollments to 10 per month for our private trainings and no more than 120 for any of our support staff. Our general trainings have an unlimited enrollment, just no direct support from us.

The cost for the private course is less per course than the average college class and for the general class is significantly less. We even have generous benefactors who will consider providing scholarships for families in need.

My objective is to change lives. I have been doing this in public schools for 30 years and there is no greater feeling than having parents of former students or former students themselves reaching out to thank me for the work we did. A number of them are in our private Facebook group which you should consider joining as well. I can directly help out about 10 times as many students as I do contracting with a public school which is why this academy exists.

Are you ready to make your home a power homeschool? Watch the video and then click the link below to schedule a call or at the very least look below that and click the other link to watch a free webinar.

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