Power Home School Curriculum: 
Training the Mindset of Champion Arch

A power home school curriculum would absolutely include training a growth mindset or more aptly the mindset of a champion. The imagery of this model is a classic Roman arch bridge with its firm foundation, and piers which support the stones of the arch. Of course the stone that holds all the stones of the arch in place is the keystone. This bridge, metaphorically speaking, connects you from the land of quiet desperation to the land of fulfillment. Without a strong foundation the piers would not withstand the weight of the structure and collapse. Without strong piers the stone arch would not be able to hold its own weight. Of course, without the keystone the arch itself would collapse. With all the pieces working together the stone arch is one of the strongest most stable structures, which is why we have examples still standing after thousands of years. A power home school curriculum should include training a mindset that will continue to get stronger throughout ones lifetime.

The foundation that holds this structure up; the foundation of true success or true achievement is love. This bridge has four arches representing the four areas of our life: personal life, professional life, civic life, and spiritual life. The piers of each arch represent two essential mindsets. They are faith and faithfulness. The stones that make up the unique arches are family, friendships, your mind or seeking knowledge, wisdom, and truth, your body or health, fitness, and well-being, and the keystone that holds all this together is your spirit which is essentially the incorporation of all the qualities of the different mindsets into this one that locks them all into place.

The roadbed of this bridge is representative of your financial life. Those arches hold up the roadbed which is what allows you to cross over from the land of quiet desperation where criticism, condemnation, and contempt reign to the land of success and fulfillment where satisfaction, self-confidence, and self-respect reign. The roadbed itself represents your assets, attitudes, and actions or your financial mindset - a millionaire's mindset. The stones that make up the bridge are the same for all bridges of this type and represent what we all have the same of – time. 

Power Home School Curriculum:
The Success Bridge, Your Mindset, and Life

Of course, our world is prone to earthquakes, floods, and storms. For your bridge to be strong and safe it needs to withstand the earthquakes, floods, and storms of life. It needs not only the strong foundation, but those piers need be strong as well. Each stone of the arch must be precisely cut to fit just right into the arch. Unquestionably, your bridge can survive quite well with a strong foundation and even a stone or two in the arch that might have some signs of wear, but if each earthquake or the constant storms of criticism, condemnation, and contempt damage the foundation, piers, or keystone a major earthquake or storm could collapse the entire structure.

If these piers, foundation, and keystone remain strong, the bridge becomes earthquake proof, meaning anytime you get drawn back into the land of quiet desperation you have a way out. That is the story of Job who lost everything but was able to cross back over and, “the LORD restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.” That is why we strongly argue that a power home school include mindset training as part of their overall power home school curriculum

No one was born having this bridge already constructed. It must be constructed. Some are fortunate enough to essentially have it constructed for them by growing up in a family and or community culture that builds this mindset in its children. When the family and the community do not provide the necessary materials for this bridge to get constructed people end up trapped in the land of quiet desperation. Unfortunately, that is where far too many people throughout human history have resided.

This power home school curriculum for training a mindset of a champion arch will enable you to make sure your bridge has a strong foundation, rigid piers, custom cut stones in the arch, and a keystone that fits perfectly in place holding up the entire bridge. The foundation of love is where it begins. The piers of faith and faithfulness provide the necessary supports, and the keystone of your spirit, allows the stones of family, friends, mind, and body to create the arch that holds up the bridge to success and happiness. Your financial mindset will then enable you to create a roadbed as smooth and strong as you desire enabling you to easily return to the land of success and happiness anytime you have be drawn back to the land of quiet desperation by the circumstances of life.

If you are viewing this page in all likelihood you were seeking information about growth mindset or a power home school curriculum because you have a connection to a student who you feel has a fixed mindset or could use having their growth mindset fully developed. You understand that their academic success and success in life is greatly influenced by having a growth mindset. You want to help them change.

The other reason is for yourself. You may be feeling like your dreams are slipping by you, life has been dealing one trial and tribulation after another and you desperately want to figure out how to find fulfillment in your life. If either of those scenarios roughly describe you, you are in good company. They are typical.

Colleges and Universities offer valuable training of the mind. It goes without saying that a college degree does open doors of opportunity for the graduates. It is also true that many students, myself included, felt there were ideas and skills, necessary for success in life, that were not offered. The courses in our power home school mindset training curriculum provide that training.

The lessons and assignments in all these courses is around 500 hours. A typical college class is approximately 135 hours between class time and expected homework time (9 hours per week for a 15 week semester). A full-time student then would have five classes per semester. The median tuition cost of the top 500 most expensive colleges is $8372 per course or $62 per hour. Clearly, a course that offers to provide you with the knowledge and training to develop a growth mindset, a mindset necessary for achieving great things and finding continuous contentment in your life, is worth that. You know it is, and fortunately I don't charge those kind of fees, though I could.  

While I received outstanding training from the likes of Tony Robbins, Dr. Tad James, and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, it was the thirty years applying book knowledge to the real world that led to the development of these courses. You see, most life coaches and course providers have always worked with people who were motivated to change. They sought their services. Even then they faced the daunting challenge of getting people to apply their teachings.

The students I worked with over the years didn’t know they needed what I was offering, often didn’t initially want what I was offering, and sometimes quite literally fought against what I was offering. Yet, I developed a system and ability to help many of these students change their attitudes – their mindset. I can’t tell you I was 100% successful, no one can, but what I can tell you is that I have far more success stories than not, which is why I have been able to do what have been doing for nearly 30 years. The system isn’t complicated. We apply HEAT - habit, emotion, attitude, training.

The approach of this power home school mindset training curriculum is to help build habits, which is by far the greatest challenge for people and for us as trainers. People need to think, do, and reflect. That is easier said than done, especially when the courses cover an extended period of time.

Because you are here you may either struggle with a fixed mindset which means not following through or self-sabotaging your success is not uncommon or you are here because a loved one you know has those challenges. I can’t tell you that I have some magic words that automatically make you motivated, but I can promise you that years of experience on how to leverage accountability has been put into this power home school curriculum. My goal is to help people. I have priced these courses so a large percentage of people who could use the courses can do so financially, but not so low that people won’t value it or complete it.

You know that you value things you invest your hard earned money on more than free things. I am also fortunate to have some generous benefactors who know the value of training a mindset who are willing to provide partial scholarships for those who truly need it and demonstrate a willingness to commit to the program. 

Power Home School Curriculum Value

Here is a breakdown of just what is being offered. No games, no gimmicks. Many of these lessons are less are much less than hour long even when you include your assignment. Some are longer. The Master Class contains weekly office hours with myself or my assistant as well as the possibility of scheduling 1:1 time with the me each month. This is especially valuable with the Breakthrough Training which utilizes the my very specialized training. 

Commit to the full Growth Mindset Training Academy Curriculum – 10 Courses and when it is released the Designing Your Destiny Course for the greatest savings. We have one, two, and three year financing available and partial scholarships available. There are also group rates.

Power Home School Curriculum:
rganize a cohort, sign up a family for even more value
Businesses and Teams - there are even greater saving for you.

Organizing a group or doing this as a family is far more effective and therefore we provide significant savings if two or more people do this together. We also offer very special team and business pricing for dramatically reduced pricing. Click the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a call to discuss your situation. We will have a conversation with you to see if this is right for you.

All you need to do to realize you cannot not take advantage of this today is ask and answer these 4 questions. When you look at your answers you will see the unquestionable benefit of committing to your success, committing to develop a Mindset of a Champion.

What will happen when I commit to this and invest in my success?

What will happen if I don’t commit to this and invest in my success?

What won’t happen when I commit to this and invest in my success?

What won’t happen if I don’t commit to this and invest in my success?

You obviously realize the incredible opportunity you have before you. It is time to take that leap of faith – faith in yourself. By committing now you are actually taking a step toward training the mindset of a champion by being decisive.

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