How changing my mindset changed school life.

by Andy

I was not really much different than other middle school boys, though at the time I thought I was. I was awkward and was constantly clowning around. I didn’t have many friends but I loved getting the laughs from my peers when I acted like a goofball. At the time I didn’t recognize they were laughing at me not with me, but even if I had I am not sure I would have changed; they were laughing. I simply didn’t fit in with this affluent country-club school population. I lived in the only trailer park on the very edge of the town and one that was bought out by developers. I wasn’t a very good student. I had know idea how to be a good student. By the time I entered middle school I had five years of negative experiences associated with school, learning, and peer relationships. I didn't like school.

I know now that I had a whole lot of limiting decisions about my ability, especially in math. I didn't have any good habits around studying, organizing, or socializing. By becoming the class clown and getting laughs, I could cover up for my insecurities.

Things changed when I moved into a new program in 6th grade. I connected with my two teachers and they were always getting on me when I would put myself down. They helped me get myself into some good habits at school and wouldn't let me get down on myself. They began to give me new beliefs which were reinforced by actual success.

I embrace the routines at school the put in place. I created new habits around organizing time, space, and thinking. My old beliefs got replaced with new beliefs and old negative associations to school and learning got interrupted and replaced with new ones. When I finally decided to put in the time and effort things took off for me. Once he made the shift in my thinking change happened.

I went from being a very poor math student in the bottom 10% of my age group to an average math student. I was right at the 50th percentile for my age group. I went from having no friends and being laughed at to being quite popular and funny. I went from doing stupid things that made my peers laugh to doing silly things at the appropriate time and place that made my classmates laugh with me. I also came to the belief my teachers taught us, which is I am in control of my mind therefor my results and I could do what I loved to do which was working on and racing cars. I found my passion and purpose and pursued it with gusto. It all started with changing my mindset from a mindset of defeatism to a mindset of a champion. It begin by learning to let go of old negative emotions, self-doubts, and limiting beliefs. It ended by building good habits and a positive beliefs. To this day, I deal with stress much, much better, which doesn't mean I don't feel it or have it, I just handle it differently.

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