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Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 20, 2022

Mastering Your Growth Mindset: 0001

Mastering your growth mindset entails

• embracing challenges

• persisting in the face of setbacks

• seeing effort as a path to mastery

• learning from criticism

• finding lessons and inspiration in others' success.

It is all about mastering your emotions and being master of your belief systems. Doing that well requires training your mind and body.

Your emotions are driven by your internal representations of an external event or an imagined future event. All emotions also have a physiological response. All emotions have a purpose, even "negative" emotions. Learning to discover the purpose behind the emotion and reserving that bit of wisdom is part of learning to master your growth mindset.

The quickest way to get control of your emotions is to change your physiology. The quickest way to do that is to change your breathing. Your breath is a powerful, powerful state changer. The deep sigh may be the best tool because of its simplicity and it is natural. We often do it naturally in moments of high anxiety. Box breathing is another tool that trains you to get control over the breathing process.

Learning to manage your internal representations is equally important. Ruminating is particularly pernicious. It is highly correlated to depression and anxiety. What you say to yourself matters but how you say it matters even more.

How you represent events that have happened externally or you imagine will happen is what creates the emotions. When you begin to understand how your pictures and internal dialogue influence your state, you have taken a giant step toward learning to master your mind and thus your mindset.

If you do not work at this daily it becomes very difficult to become a master of your growth mindset or to develop the mindset of a champion, which is why my initial training emphasizes the development of the morning and evening ritual. Within those rituals is where the rest of the trainings work from.

The most common question I get is why is my initial training so expensive. The answer is it isn't. The face value is less than the average three credit course for any of the top 500 colleges in the country. I am very confident when I say the value of that training is far greater than the value of any of the individual courses you may take at any of those colleges.

After the initial 20% discount I give to people who register at the time of our phone conversation the value is that much greater. Then when you factor in the fact that it is possible to get 50% refunded to you if you do all the assignments when assigned, the value is multiplied that much more. Lastly, we tend to value what we invest in and if you aren't invested in your success you will not complete the training. That is a simple fact.
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